Create your very own Craft Box under $30

Create your very own Craft Box under $30

During this time of isolation, we all need ways to help our children stay creative. 

I decided to head online to one of my favourite shops, KMART. 

We have only had this for two days now, but it is a game changer! It allows me to drink my coffee hot! 

Here's all the things you need to create yours:

8 Compartment Organiser $9

Craft People Pop Sticks $3

Craft Quill Feathers  $2

Chenille Sticks  $3

Make Your Own String Bracelets $3

Pom Poms $3

Crepe Paper $3

Glue Sticks $1

There are so many other things you can add!

I would love to see your craft box, so don't forget to tag me @prepsteadyschoolready




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